Quality Care Moving Service

Hello and thank you for visiting our website and I hope you are well.

For every job that our services are hired for, our staff is ongoingly

trained-up for performing quality care service for every customer item & situation that we handle.

This conscientious, clean, and careful desire also includes being very

aware, at all times, of preventing any damage -- to any surroundings at the job place.

And, the interaction we have with our customers and the final price for

our customers -- are very important matters for the well-being of our company.

Our purpose to provide great all-around service to our customers for every job that

we are hired for -- has helped our services maintain positive and enjoyable

environments from start to finish for our staff and customers.

Gerry Normandin (mover/operations manager/owner)

Our Services Include:

- local, rural, and long distance moving & delivery service

- seniors moving service (click on our seniors service page for more information)

- short and easy free in-person estimates

- packing and/or unpacking service

- storage service

- cargo van or 5 ton truck pick-up and delivery service

- decluttering service

- cleaning service 

Our Rates and Prices:

- our residential moving service hourly rates and prices are flexible for every moving or delivery job (making the final price right is of utmost importance for the growth of our company).

- our senior moving service hourly rates are lower than our regular hourly rates and are for our customers who are 65 years of age or older.

- our local trucking fuel/travel surcharge ranges from $20.00 - $85.00 for addresses within the perimeter of Winnipeg (getting our movers and moving truck from our compound in St.Boniface to the moving from address and back to our compound from the moving to address).

- we also make pre-priced moving jobs with our customers (where applicable).

- and we do short easy & free in-person estimates.

> Gerry also delivers in Winnipeg & surrounding areas -- free large samples of a wonderful, safe for the home, money-saving, doubly-concentrated, and much more than a multi-purpose cleaner... called Basic H2 which is made by Shaklee

> And Gerry also delivers for free -- large samples of Basic G which is a great concentrated multipurpose powerful neutral pH germicide and detergent that for example... disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes households in one-easy-step.   

> The above cleaning products that are made by Shaklee -- are safe for the family and also offer a very affordable & easy home-based business opportunity that is sure to be also fun for the whole family for example.

> For more information, please contact Gerry at 204-990-4341 or ask Google for more information at this point.

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