Hello, this is Gerry the owner of Quality Care Moving Service.

We really do have a good seniors moving service and we offer other qualified services to our senior customers as well.

I would like to add that our seniors moving service is one our most growing services. We have very caring and helpful ladies in our packing staff and our ad has been in the Senior Scope paper since 2011.

Angie Shuwera who is our senior support service assistant is always focused on helping Gerry to make sure that the hiring process of our new packers is thorough and our packing staff is maintaining a high level of service. Angie also has over twenty-five years experience working with Winnipeg seniors in the supportive housing area.

Gerry also has over 20 years experience caring and working with seniors in the health care aide and companion area.

If you want to know more about our senior moving service -- please contact Gerry from our Contact US page here or phone Gerry at 204-990-4341 (call or text anytime).

To contact Angie, please leave a message at the above phone number or by using our CONTACT US page.

Below are services that we're presently offering to seniors (65 years of age & up) in Winnipeg & surrounding areas:

> moving or delivery service

> packing service (and unpacking service)

> storage service

> disassembly & assembly service

> downsizing, decluttering, and other related service

> and more!

* For more information, please phone or text message Gerry at 204-990-4341 or email Gerry at [email protected] or contact us from our CONTACT US page (see link above).

Have a nice day!